M F Hussain

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Have been wanting to organize my thoughts on MF Hussain for sometime now – the issue is fairly complex – How can you draw a line on artistic integrity? Then again, can your “artistic integrity” cause anguish to millions of hindus across the world? Is your artistic integrity somehow superior to x’s religious integrity?
1. If you have painted and put something on a public domain, expect some people to actively dislike it. You have undertaken what you must have known is a very very controversial experiment on public figures. Saraswati / Mother India do not belong only to you – they belong to millions of others people. I do not care if you paint abstract nudes / nudes of some models / nudes out of your fucking head. You cannot take the liberty of painting Saraswati in the nude. This has very serious connotations in Hindu culture.
Just because India is a secular country, you cannot do anything and everything with her public figures. For that matter, I do not see you having painted Pakistan as a nude woman or a nude Fathima or a nude figure related to any other fucking religion. I am not terribly religious, but when I hear someone say you are anti-Hindu, I cannot rustle up much of a defense.
2. “Religious Intolerance”. This takes the cake. He is unable to stay in India because of religious intolerance, and so he goes to… Qatar. This is what really tipped the scales, in my opinion. You fucking creep. If you are so high on principles, why did you not go to a country that really does religious tolerance? He goes to a place where you cannot openly practice a faith other than the one mandated by the state, where you cannot even carry pictures of other gods / goddesses, where you can be deported at a moment’s notice…
India is one of the most secular countries in the world. We have had a muslim President, a muslim cricket captain, our top actors are muslims, muslim musicians- madrassas all over the bloody place, mosques, concessions for Haj travel… fucker, after all this, you call this country intolerant? Its a crying shame, that’s what it is. We do not even have an official religion!
Its unfortunate that your insensitivity is equated to religious intolerance.


Hot and Cold

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A woman who my mother knows
Came in and took off all her clothes.

Said I, not being very old,
‘By golly gosh, you must be cold!’

‘No, no!’ she cried. ‘Indeed I’m not!
I’m feeling devilishly hot!’

– Roald Dahl


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“Amma I love you amma”

“I Love you too, Baby”

“You did not say thank you! I said I love you, you have to say thank you!”


Om Shanti Om is enjoyable because it laughs at old hindi moves from the inside – it laughs with them, rather than at them

Ranbir Kapoor, at the time of the release of Wake Up, Sid! was quoted saying that was his toughest role ever.

Yes, the toughest of all the FOUR roles he had done until then


Thank the lord I live in India

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I am not really a proponent of abortion – I would not have one, even if, for instance, faced with an unplanned pregnancy. But I am also a great believer in the live and let live maxim. Or the maxim of do not do unto other what you would like done to you. Or more straight forward, do not live others’ lives for them.

There are a lot of reasons why there should NOT be a cap on abortions. The first one – what kind of a life could a mother who wanted to abort her foetus give if forced to carry the child to term? I had earlier blogged about a child being discovered in plastic bag, on a railway station in Bombay. Tell me this is better than having aborted the child at 3 months or five months.

Second, ofcourse, is the fact that a critical scan – the ‘Anomaly Scan’ which detects fetal anomalies is typically carried out at 20 weeks. A woman who finds an anomaly in her fetus would be forced to carry the baby to term? This is ridiculous.

I would like to decide what is best for my baby, my family and MYSELF. I had a termination once because of a severe anomaly that was detected in the child. The pain is indescribable. But its nothing comparied to what I would have gone through had I been forced to carry the child to term and then watch it die.

Most abortion opponents seem to forget that the fetus is not the only part of the equation – the fetus is as important as everyone else in the family. And that includes the parents, and most critical – other children in the family. Had I been forced to carry the child, I would have disrupted my daughter’s life completely for years. Why did she do to deserve that?

May the blessing of the holy be upon you…

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Chit-chatting with Appa and Koushik, and suddenly, the evangelical stunts of instant healing came up. I have never watched the Benny Hinn show; Consequently, I was under the impression that the “abracadabrqa-you-are-healed” stunts happened only in the movies. I mean, who actually falls for that s***??! This age of enlightment and all.

Apparently, some people do. Koushik mentioned the aforesaid Benny Hinn show. Appa, as always, had a more personal anecdote. He was laughing about a colleage of his, who used to hold prayer meetings. seemingly lifeless folks would turn up, strategically seaed on the front line. Our hero would wave his arms around, a la Gandalf, invoke the blessing of the Christ and presto! The almost comatose is running, jumping. “I can walk! I can run!”, he says, his excitement palpable.
“The irony”, continued appa, “Was that the hero himself had a stroke and was bedridden for over two years, before he died. His resemblance then, to one of his “patients” was quite remarkable. I guess we have to give him credit for his realistic stage directions”.

Couldnt help laughing for some ten minutes.

A sense of entitlement

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So unjustified.
Its laughable how out of touch with reality you can get as a film “star”. SRK is charming actor, and thats the best I can say about him. How he suddenly became a global figure (Priyanka Chopra has called him that, I am reliably informed) is beyond my limited powers of comprehension. Neither can I understand this obsession with racial profiling. Now, there are two specific aspects to be considered here –
1. Computer / System / Rule driven profiling – the one used at airports, which checks against negative list databases, plucks out folks for profiling / questioning
Nothing you can do about this, boss. If you have a family history of diabetes, for instance, you are typically advised to check your blood sugar every year or so. I dont see anyone complaining about that! Similarly, if you belong to a community that has a dispropotionately large percentage of gun toting f****, you are more likely to be checked out. Annoying, yes. But cannot be helped. The only way you can make things better for yourself is to expend the energy to change the profile of your demograpic group or to improve the profile of that group. Cant do that? Shut up and stop whining.

2. Judgement driven profiling – A police officer frisks you when you are boarding the tube, for instance. This is admittedly a little offensive – because the guy has made a judgement call, depending upon his impression of the way you look, or his opinion on your demographic profile, which may or may not be in alignment with reality. Its this probable misalignment with reality that irks, because you dont know if you have been made to go through the indignity of the test for any valid reason at all. Again, nothing you can do, unless you take the trouble of presenting a true picture, so to speak, to the rest of the world.

At the end of the day, however, if the person at the other side is polite, just shut the f*** up anyway. Security is never too expensive today. And have some empathy for a person sitting at the other side. If they do their jobs diligently, they deserve a pat on their back, and not attitude.

Rock On!

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Watched the move while at krishna’s place in delhi – the good and the bad of it:

The Good:
1. Its different
2. Its contemporary
3. Great Music!
4. Farhan Akhtar
5. Shahana Goswami

The Bad:
1. Maudlin – what the hell is wrong with an investment banker earning enough to affort aplace right out of “Interiors Exteriors”, and that in Bombay?
2. Flimsy – A band waiting for a music deal – splits up simply because their “creative” energies were not given enough justice?? How many bands actually get to dictate exactly what they will be putting out in their debut albums??
3. Prachi Desai- eugh! I can see Kyon Ki… written all over her!

Overall, liked it, but the movie certainly did not live up to its expectations

Kiss the… ahem… tummy

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7:30 in the morning is when sanj is wheedled awake by me. And one of my favourite methods is the Kiss the Tummy method.

Aish, mock-serious : I see a sleeping tummy… I am going to kiss that tummy…

Sanj (Suddenly awake, but pretending to be asleep): No… No… No!

Aish: Please, please, only once

Sanj: No, no no

Aish: Please, Only ONCE

Sanj: ONLY one

Aish: Kissing Sanj, thank you, thank you

That little exchange pretty much puts the day on a nice track, esp when sanj says, “Amma, stay with me, dont go to office”. Sanj is (and has always been) very matter-of-fact about my working. She rarely cries when I leave for office (Though she never lets me go out alone to any other place). and even the “Dont go to office” is extremely rare, and is delivered in such happy tone that one doesnt get melancholic about it.

Jeez, shes only three and I am already worried about her growing old!

Stealing from others :)

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Jim Caple has a hilarious take on the Age controversy at the Olympics –

The IOC can save a lot of time, effort and money by taking a far simpler, more conclusive and, quite frankly, obvious approach to this issue. If it wants to know whether an athlete is cheating, simply check the passports. If they say “U.S. citizen,” then the athletes are above suspicion. If they say anything else, they are guilty. (Well, maybe not the Canadians, who aren’t suspicious because they’re not winning anything.)

Check out the rest of the article – http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/summer08/columns/story?columnist=caple_jim&id=3548749

I dont understand this age cap in the olympics for Gymnastics – does it really work the way it is intended to? It might, I guess. A coach wanting to put a 12 year old on that year’s olympics might be harder on her than in the current scenario, when s/he wouldnt be allowed to participate. But these kids do participate in other gymnastics competitions, don’t they? On the flip side, a really talented kid, 15 years old at the time of one olympics, not only misses out on her peak performance year, but also finds herself a probable for only one olypics, or max 2. That doesnt sound very fair, does it?

Tale of two companies, two CEOs

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This first company – picked up a good idea from Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Innovated madly. Came out with a brilliant, futuristic product. And charged pots of  money. Then, these guys had this completely closed eco-system, where no one was allowed to enter. If they sold a house, for isntance, you would have to buy only their carpets, their furniture, their kitchens and so on. And they made so much more money on that, that you and I could not even dream of owning one.

Now take the second company. Pick up a good idea. Innovate reasonably – only enough to make it work. Market it. Pick up another good idea. again, innovate, market. But these guys are the Henry Ford of their industry. They believe in volumes in an industry driven by numbers. They sell their product dirt cheap. Their ideas are so powerful, within a decade, they have completely changed the structure & operating levers of their industry. You might not get one ultra modern, person sensitve, sound sensitive house, but you get a house you can live in. Plus they create this brilliant open environment, where anybody can provide addons to your house.

On paper, the second company seems to be the likeable choice, right? But what if I told you the first is called Apple, and the second, Microsoft?

Its funny, because there is a definite perception that Apple is the underdog, the Technology Messiah, the one that loves technology for itself, while Microsoft is the Cash Cow, for whom the dollar is the only God. But actually, its the former that has in its history, had greater drivers in terms of revenue, and the latter, with a feel for the industry. In a summary, one had short term vision, and the other, long term. One wanted to make money. The other wanted to excel in what it did.

Ofcourse, perception is pretty much the reverse. Hmm.

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