Does Ira Levin promote Misandry?

June 11, 2016 at 7:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I would argue that he does – and the blame falls fully on the excellent, thought-provoking book, “The Stepford Wives”.

The book is written from Joanna’s perspective – Joanna moves into Stepford with her husband and two children. The town is seemingly perfect – beautiful homes, nice families, good schools and so on. And like everything seemingly perfect, the malevolence is lurking right below the surface. Levin has done a terrific job of creating the suspense in the books – you cannot put your finger on how he does it, but the tension is created and maintained by Levin. The best writing is the one that makes you feel the characters, to forget that you are reading fiction – and Stepford Wives wins, hands-down at this.

We have many, many instances in the recent past, where Herd Mentality has successfully suppressed a smaller or less powerful group – Stepford Wives presents to you the ultimate herd- that of all men. A herd of men brainwashing each other into idealizing the perfect woman, and going to great lengths to get it. The systematic way the man approach this ideal is nothing short of chilling. Suddenly, your position in the order of things does not seem as secure as you once thought it.

Days after reading the book, I keep getting flashes of Joanna, what she must have felt the day she finally figures out what’s happening. Powerful, powerful writing. And an excellent read.



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