St. Petersburg

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Lovely, lovely city. Awesome to simply walk around.

We visited:

  1. Peterhof
    Loved peterhof. The fountains and gardens were brilliant.
    But if you are tired of palaces, am not sure you will find it so exciting. Plus both Peterhof and Catherine’s Palace are a good hour – hour and a half away from SPB.
  2. Tsarskoye Selo – Catherine the Great’s Palace. Nice place, but the highlight is supposedly the Amber Room, which is covered with amber inlays. Skip it if you are tired of palaces.
  3. The following places near the Neva River:
    a. Hermitage – its got amazing work, incl one small sculpture by Michaelangelo and a couple of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and the other Italian masters. Gets crowded, though. Entry can be time consuming
    b.  Peter and Paul’s Cathedral. This is obviously of interest to most people – this is where The last of the Romanovs are buried.
    c. St Isaac’s cathedral – the jokers did not take us here – soooo annoying. But Amma loved it.
    d. The Neva Itself – its got a nice park along side, a good place to generally walk around

We visited a mall, and thats about all we did in SPB. I used to walk around in the city while the others were having their lunches and their dinners. Hey, and Dostoevsky is from SPB and his house is a museum. You can visit it if you want.



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