Remake killed the original…

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This time, the culprit – High Society. And the victim – the much beloved Philadelphia Story. I mean, who ever thought Grace Kelly could match the peerless Katharine Hepburn? Philadelphia Story is one of my favorites from my TCM obsessed days. Crisp, Witty, Smart and really, really watchable. I saw philadelphia story over ten years ago, and still remember most of it – which made my High Society experience all the more unpalatable. Grace Kelly – Frank Sinatra – Bing Crosby Vs Hepburn – James Stewart – Cary Grant? No prizes for guessing who won. Hands down. The NYTimes calls High Society ““flimsy as a gossip-columnist’s word”. Amen.


The Good Woman

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If ever there could be a movie rendered unwatchable on account of dirt poort casting, this would be it

Recipe for Disaster – Take one piece, a beloved play (try Lady Windermere’s Fan), one piece lousy scriptwriter (one who can convert the wit, the satire and the tang of Oscar Wilde, mangle that into part serious, part tosh, complete drivel). Take a generous dollop of “adapting to the times”. Mix these top em up with super secret ingredients – An American director and, the piece de resistance, Scarlett Johansson.

Oh come on, how could anyone, any f***** moron have Scarlett Johanssen play Lady Windermere? How could you even think of her in the same breath?? It beggars logic, it really does.
Lady WIndermere’s Fan has multiple characters, some straight forward (Lord & Lady Windermere), some complex (Mrs Erlynne). The overarching characteristic of Lady Windermere is her innocence. She is the Original sweet english rose, so to speak. She kisses the portrait of her mother evey night – the mother she thought had died more than 16 years back! Wikipedia uses the word “demure” to describe her, for God’s sake! She loves her husband, and when she suspects him of adultery, she confronts him. There is no “intelligently handling the situation” tosh for her. What you see is what you get. How does Scarlett Johanssen fit the bill here?
And Helen Hunt as Mrs. Erlynne? Goodness gracious me! The only commonality is probably on the name – Mrs. Erlynne is the eternal Helen of Troy. The ageless beauty. The phoenix who constantly reinvents herself. She is a survivor. Helen Hunt? The strength of character that is intrinsic to Mrs. Erlynne seems to have been completely forgotten

The movie has succeeded in hacking thoroughly and completely, the wonderful memories I had of Lady Windermere… in particular, and Oscar Wide in specific. Wilde would have turned over in his grave at the utter disgrace of the spectacle. A brilliant, sharp, social satire reduced to an insipid, uninspiring floss. The superb characters, all so finely etched by Wilde have been reduced to mere shadows of their glittering selves.

Murder, she said!

Weight Troubles

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Pretty much every other person in office has now asked me when I am due. Can’t get offended, coz I know I look like I should be calling the hospital anytime now. I look pretty much like how I looked when I delivered sanj (yes, at NINE months THEN). This girl at office (she’s at 5mos and DOESNT SHOW A THING! – How I hate her!) asked me – “How many months are you on, Aish?”. “Only six”, I said, “and only one”.
“Only six months, and only one baby – no twins, triplets, quadruplets or otherwise”.

Sanj – “Why is your tummy so big, Amma?”.
I had an answer, ofcourse I did – “Because there is a baby in there” (Hah, blame it on the baby, not on the fact that you ate like a pig the last month).
Sanj – “How big is the baby”
What is this, the Spanish inquisition?
“Baby is small” and I disappear before the next (and very obvious and embarrassing) question comes along.

And Suresh this morning! “You look like one of those Seth ladies”. Seth, of course, is the generic name applied to N. Indians in Chennai, specifically to Marwaris. Suresh hasn’t ever seen a slim Marwari lady, every.
I was genuinely horrified. Okay, I am fat. But comparing me to a lady who sits and cooks and watches Soaps on Zee Cinema, doesnt speak any language other than hindi… Jeez, thats just too bad! “No, no”, he rushes to paper his cracks, “Don’t worry, another 6 or so months and then you can start gymming, walking etc etc and will be back to your old self in no time!”
Okay, the “Old self” I think of weighed 56 Kilos and was 27 years old. From here, that seems continents away. And gymming to get to there is like taking a quick walk to Timbuktu. Three months to go, only three months, I keep telling myself

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