M F Hussain

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Have been wanting to organize my thoughts on MF Hussain for sometime now – the issue is fairly complex – How can you draw a line on artistic integrity? Then again, can your “artistic integrity” cause anguish to millions of hindus across the world? Is your artistic integrity somehow superior to x’s religious integrity?
1. If you have painted and put something on a public domain, expect some people to actively dislike it. You have undertaken what you must have known is a very very controversial experiment on public figures. Saraswati / Mother India do not belong only to you Рthey belong to millions of others people. I do not care if you paint abstract nudes / nudes of some models / nudes out of your fucking head. You cannot take the liberty of painting Saraswati in the nude. This has very serious connotations in Hindu culture.
Just because India is a secular country, you cannot do anything and everything with her public figures. For that matter, I do not see you having painted Pakistan as a nude woman or a nude Fathima or a nude figure related to any other fucking religion. I am not terribly religious, but when I hear someone say you are anti-Hindu, I cannot rustle up much of a defense.
2. “Religious Intolerance”. This takes the cake. He is unable to stay in India because of religious intolerance, and so he goes to… Qatar. This is what really tipped the scales, in my opinion. You fucking creep. If you are so high on principles, why did you not go to a country that really does religious tolerance? He goes to a place where you cannot openly practice a faith other than the one mandated by the state, where you cannot even carry pictures of other gods / goddesses, where you can be deported at a moment’s notice…
India is one of the most secular countries in the world. We have had a muslim President, a muslim cricket captain, our top actors are muslims, muslim musicians- madrassas all over the bloody place, mosques, concessions for Haj travel… fucker, after all this, you call this country intolerant? Its a crying shame, that’s what it is. We do not even have an official religion!
Its unfortunate that your insensitivity is equated to religious intolerance.


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