Hot and Cold

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A woman who my mother knows
Came in and took off all her clothes.

Said I, not being very old,
‘By golly gosh, you must be cold!’

‘No, no!’ she cried. ‘Indeed I’m not!
I’m feeling devilishly hot!’

– Roald Dahl



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“Amma I love you amma”

“I Love you too, Baby”

“You did not say thank you! I said I love you, you have to say thank you!”


Om Shanti Om is enjoyable because it laughs at old hindi moves from the inside – it laughs with them, rather than at them

Ranbir Kapoor, at the time of the release of Wake Up, Sid! was quoted saying that was his toughest role ever.

Yes, the toughest of all the FOUR roles he had done until then


Thank the lord I live in India

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I am not really a proponent of abortion – I would not have one, even if, for instance, faced with an unplanned pregnancy. But I am also a great believer in the live and let live maxim. Or the maxim of do not do unto other what you would like done to you. Or more straight forward, do not live others’ lives for them.

There are a lot of reasons why there should NOT be a cap on abortions. The first one – what kind of a life could a mother who wanted to abort her foetus give if forced to carry the child to term? I had earlier blogged about a child being discovered in plastic bag, on a railway station in Bombay. Tell me this is better than having aborted the child at 3 months or five months.

Second, ofcourse, is the fact that a critical scan – the ‘Anomaly Scan’ which detects fetal anomalies is typically carried out at 20 weeks. A woman who finds an anomaly in her fetus would be forced to carry the baby to term? This is ridiculous.

I would like to decide what is best for my baby, my family and MYSELF. I had a termination once because of a severe anomaly that was detected in the child. The pain is indescribable. But its nothing comparied to what I would have gone through had I been forced to carry the child to term and then watch it die.

Most abortion opponents seem to forget that the fetus is not the only part of the equation – the fetus is as important as everyone else in the family. And that includes the parents, and most critical – other children in the family. Had I been forced to carry the child, I would have disrupted my daughter’s life completely for years. Why did she do to deserve that?

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