May the blessing of the holy be upon you…

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Chit-chatting with Appa and Koushik, and suddenly, the evangelical stunts of instant healing came up. I have never watched the Benny Hinn show; Consequently, I was under the impression that the “abracadabrqa-you-are-healed” stunts happened only in the movies. I mean, who actually falls for that s***??! This age of enlightment and all.

Apparently, some people do. Koushik mentioned the aforesaid Benny Hinn show. Appa, as always, had a more personal anecdote. He was laughing about a colleage of his, who used to hold prayer meetings. seemingly lifeless folks would turn up, strategically seaed on the front line. Our hero would wave his arms around, a la Gandalf, invoke the blessing of the Christ and presto! The almost comatose is running, jumping. “I can walk! I can run!”, he says, his excitement palpable.
“The irony”, continued appa, “Was that the hero himself had a stroke and was bedridden for over two years, before he died. His resemblance then, to one of his “patients” was quite remarkable. I guess we have to give him credit for his realistic stage directions”.

Couldnt help laughing for some ten minutes.


A sense of entitlement

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So unjustified.
Its laughable how out of touch with reality you can get as a film “star”. SRK is charming actor, and thats the best I can say about him. How he suddenly became a global figure (Priyanka Chopra has called him that, I am reliably informed) is beyond my limited powers of comprehension. Neither can I understand this obsession with racial profiling. Now, there are two specific aspects to be considered here –
1. Computer / System / Rule driven profiling – the one used at airports, which checks against negative list databases, plucks out folks for profiling / questioning
Nothing you can do about this, boss. If you have a family history of diabetes, for instance, you are typically advised to check your blood sugar every year or so. I dont see anyone complaining about that! Similarly, if you belong to a community that has a dispropotionately large percentage of gun toting f****, you are more likely to be checked out. Annoying, yes. But cannot be helped. The only way you can make things better for yourself is to expend the energy to change the profile of your demograpic group or to improve the profile of that group. Cant do that? Shut up and stop whining.

2. Judgement driven profiling – A police officer frisks you when you are boarding the tube, for instance. This is admittedly a little offensive – because the guy has made a judgement call, depending upon his impression of the way you look, or his opinion on your demographic profile, which may or may not be in alignment with reality. Its this probable misalignment with reality that irks, because you dont know if you have been made to go through the indignity of the test for any valid reason at all. Again, nothing you can do, unless you take the trouble of presenting a true picture, so to speak, to the rest of the world.

At the end of the day, however, if the person at the other side is polite, just shut the f*** up anyway. Security is never too expensive today. And have some empathy for a person sitting at the other side. If they do their jobs diligently, they deserve a pat on their back, and not attitude.

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