Bill Gates – The end of an era… or is it?

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Way back in 1999, when I was preparting for post-CAT interviews, I was asked in one of my mock-interviews, who I would count as the greatest personality in the 20th Century. Fortunately for me, I was prepared. Bill Gates, I said. Because he started Microsoft in 1975, Introduced windows in 1985, and by 1990, had completely revolutionized computing and its impact on daily life. No other personality in History has had such a wide or deep impact in just a matter of a mere two decades, as Bill Gates has had.

And what ever your cribs about Microsoft, thats one thing you have to had it over to them for: Microsoft turned the Technology industry onto its head, establishing the concept of technology platforms and technology networks.

I remember reading Rethinking the Future, or some similar sounding book by CK Prahlad. He makes the point that Microsoft is as successfull as it is, purely because it KNOWS where it wants to be. And this is the one thing that tips the future in its direction. Microsoft might be betting on the wrong things. But they are betting, and betting heavily.

What is most remarkable about Bill Gates’ transition is the planning that has gone into it. Unlike many other technology companies, Bill Gates is not a one-man shop. Microsoft has very solid managers at tyhe middle and top levels. Which means that Microsoft would never have been left flailing had Bill Gates jumped ship, even suddenly. But if you have a transition planned THREE years in advance, well, there barely a ripple. Bill Gates, to my mind, is the ideal for success in this Industry – strong management skill, tied with a very solid, intuitive understanding of technology.



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Back in november ’07, I was chatting with J. General stuff, Family, Marriages, Work, and so on. I mentioned that Sanj would be starting school in Jan. “Oh, poor you. Empty Nest and all”

Me: “Eh?”

J: “Wont you miss her?”

Me: “How could I? I will be at office when she’s at school! I am pleased- thats 4 hours she wont be watching TV”

Fastforward 2 mths to Jan ’08. I packed Sanj off in her school van. And cried all the way to office. No Kidding. Never thought I would CRY to send my child off to school. Especially when that is something I had been talking about for a YEAR.  I am not a cool mother at all :(. Decidedly uncool, come to think of it. Even Suresh was surprised. “Crying?? WHY? I thought you would be totally brave about this!!”.

Me: “Brave, maybe. Heartless, no” (I did not add “Wimpish, definitely”, though the thought did flutter past in my mind)


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