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Suresh is the supposed Hindi Literate – He claims to have learnt Hindi at school until he was in class. I say claims, because I cant see how someone who read and wrote a language for EIGHT years, can fail to understand a single word of it. How would that be possible?? I mean, you do have to understand to pass the exams, right?? Suresh explains in a rather matter-of-fact tone, that he used DRAW, not WRITE hindi. I, on the other hand, steered clear of the national language after I flunked an exam while in – hold your breath – class one. But I speak perfectly respectable, if highy accented, hindi. I lived for 2 mths in Delhi & 2 yrs in Bhubaneswar, and managed very well, thank you. And no insulated lives for us- we travelled by public transport, haggled in markets, and generally had a ball of a time.

I, of course, learnt all of my hindi from TV (Not fair, says Suresh 🙂 ). Or maybe I am just the girl genius with a super flair for languages – afterall, english, tam, hindi AND french aint bad. Though my French was no great shakes. And my Tam has always been terrible. I used to live by the “Guide” to scrape through my tam exams. My greatest feeling of relief after completing class 10 came from the freedom to finally be able to switch to French from Tam. I cribbed to my mom once about having to study tam. You should have put signed me up for someother second langauge, I said. Well, atleast you passed tam in class one, she said. Damn, the failure that will haunt me for the rest of my life. No doubt, when I am asking sanj 4 yrs down the line about her score in Math, she is going to say, “Well, atleast I PASSED my hindi exam”. Damn, and double damn.

Where is the accountability for parents, anyway? Can’t anyone see my mom’s just passing the buck? It was her fault I flunked hindi. She did not… hey, prepare me. Or she got me into the wrong sections… Or whatever. In any case, how can you hold a 5-yr old responsible for her test results?? Chee.


Sit down, Mr Mallya!

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What do you say to a (seeming) 60-year old who whines worse than a six year old who hurt himself in the playground?

Mr M, if you don’t understand the elementary concept that in sport, some teams are bound to lose, may be you should go back to selecting air hostesses. I agree wholeheartedly, that there has to be accontability in Cricket. I just wish you had expressed your point in a better manner. C’mon, ANY manner would be better than “Mommy, I did not want to, but he MADE me!”. Actually, Royal Challengers the brand has taken a worse beating from your tantrums than by the stoic lack of performance from Dravid and Co.


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