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One of the more well-known, well-sung and well-liked songs in carnatic music is Enna Thavam – It goes:
Enna Thavam Seidhanai – Yashoda
Engum Nirai Parabhrimam “Amma” endrazhaikka

I never liked it too much – for one, the raga is Kapi – which I feel does not have enough zest. I prefer ragas that are more explicit – more like me, I guess. I could never be accused of hiding what I feel!

The song is addressed to Yashoda, and a rough translation will give you this meaning:
What great penance you have done, O Yashoda
To be blessed with the all pervasive lord call you “Amma”

I was thinking about this song this monring – obviously the guy who wrote this song doesnt have kids, does he?? :). Its a great blessing to be called Mommy by your baby- and hes crazy if he thinks it would make it better if my baby was lord Krishna (or Bill Gates, since Priya always used to say Bill was my Demigod). Or worse, if he thinks I would be happy to have you replace Sanj with Lord Krishna and be happier about it.


Guess who turned two the 9th of October??

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Anyone wants to tell me whats happening here??

The Birthday Baby – Trying to place what she looks like – New Orleans Debutante?

Cake Baked AND Decorated by Yours Truly. (Whew, NOW I am a good mom 🙂 )

I can actually CUT it??

Whee! Am having so much fun!

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