Introduction to Management Science

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Thats a Tata McGraw Hill book thats lying on the table in the cabin across where I am sitting. So?
1. Management “Science”. Thats annoying. I can never reconcile management with science. I am one of the worst managers I know, but was a very good student of the study. How can you call Management a science? What’s scientific about it??
2. Its an introduction boook that about 30% larger than the Philip Kotler we used to have at B-School
3. The most depressing. Typically, in the offices of senior personnel here, you rarely find books. They dont seem to read anything other than the next RFP or Response to the RFP, the FS Doc, Capability Doc and so on. The owner of this book is part of that tribe. This is the first book I have seen him carrying. Why couldnt it be soemthing less pretentious, and more useful, like a Rethiking the Future or atleast a Straight from the Gut or something? Nooooo. It hast to be an Introduction to Management Science – A Marketing and Case Study approach with Spreadsheet. Yay!


Memories come creeping – part deux

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I was just stepping out of the lift, you were standing right behind me. You were wearing a blue shirt, I think, not too sure. I remember noting the stylized ‘R’ on your pen- Can imagine how foolish I would have looked when I said “R for Ralhan??” (the tone was surprize, awe, wonder, and all things dumb, basically) and you returned, “No, for Reynolds”.

Yeah, yeah, laugh. Thats one of the very small of the embarrassing moments I just could not recollect when you guys badgered me that sunday.

Of baggage – the emotional kind

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And emotional baggage is far, far heavier than the phyiscal kind. I should know – I carry LOADS of it.

Starting today, I am going to do something about it other than write poetry that Sudeep finds funny/insightful. And I am going to do it the AA way – one day at a time, one bag at a time. The first bag to go will be the Ph D in New York bag.

I remember a line in “The Deep end of the ocean”, where the father tells his wife (played by Michelle Pfieffer)-“I love you, but you have made a career out of being sad. I want to be happy, and if life gives me an opportunity to be happy, I am going to take it” – or something like that. Obviously cant remember the lines verbatim- it was a lousy book.

Is it only me, or do all of us identify ourselves with someone or the other, in some form or the other? I always identified myself with the (generally considered to be) most boring or the most silly – essentially, the razzie nominations in our circle of acquaintances. I was like N because I was so economical while I was in college. I just did not like spending my dad’s money, alright? I was like S because I was so lousy at interacting with people. so on. Why is it I am never able to say, I was so much like Delna because… or So much like Meet because… ?

All this is not to imply that I have low self-esteem. I dont. I know I am dudette. A lazy dudette, but a dudette all the same. Thought a dudette who could do with some debugging and polishing.


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Ringo Starr was the much overlooked member of the Beatles, in the sense he never really had the chance to express his talent in the form of songs, lyrics and such like, being overshwadowed (very well) by McCartney & Lennon. He is believed to have said it was like “having diahrroea & not being able to use the loo”. I flatter myself thinking I am in a similar predicament. I was trying desparately to sing “knick-knack paddywack give a dog a bone – this old man came rolling him” and around the give a dog a bone my voice went all wooo-wooo waverly off tune (Yes, MUCH worse than normal, for all of you smartalecks). Pharyngitis.
It started this morning when I woke up to Sanj’s alarm. Suresh asked me the time, and while I kept saying 5:00, 5:00, he dint seem to hear anything. I screamed to the best of my ability (and boy, am I profiicent at that!), and Suresh “What happened to your voice?”. Pharyngitis happened Dr ENT Surgeon. Might I add that it happed because I have been happily disregarding my medication for cold and cough for over 2 mths now. Suresh left me with strict instructions not to speak AT ALL. I need to get this checked with another ENT, though. He prescribes complete voice rest too often to me. I wonder if the treatment is for my benefit or for his. Imagine, I start screaming – how much easier it would be to say “Shh… Voice Rest!!!”, than to say “You are overreacting, thats not what I meant…”.
Plus ofcourse, there are added benefits- I cant carry a tune to save my life now. And normally I am humming something or the other incessantly. To soothe my ego, I am forced to stop singing now. What bliss for poor Suresh.
Never fear, though. I be back, a la Arnold.

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