Echoes from over a year ago

November 28, 2006 at 5:35 am | Posted in People, Sanjana | 1 Comment

Two of the nicest things I heard after Sanjana was born came from two of the wisest people I know – Meet & Sudeep

Sudeep’s reaction came when I messaged Sanjana’s name after we had finally agreed up on it – Sudeep said “Sanjana” is what he would have named his daughter, were he to have one- and you have no idea how good I felt when I heard that. Sud made me feel so good, and gave the name a quality, an attraction, all at once.

Meet’s response was via mail, and typically Meet. Crisp. Meaningful. Beautifully worded. I had sent a jokey mail bemoaning the fact that I got to do all the work of bringing our daughter into the world, but Sanjana does not carry my name for her initial, but Suresh’s. Meet said “Nice things happen to people regardless of whose name they are associated with”. This mail came a year back, but I still remember this line verbatim, inspite of never having looked at it after that one time. This sentence stays in a corner of my heart, the switch to my personal thousand-watts bulb, that I reach out to during dull and dreary times. That is a blessing for Sanjana that I always treasure.

The funny part is neither S nor M probably realized at that time how important to me the above would be. But then, thats the way life is. The smallest of things often build up to take the greatest significance

But more importantly, thats the way these two brilliant people are. Extremely perceptive and remarkably sensitive to other people. Just the right word or phrase at the perfect time. Meeting them has been one of the really good turns in the long winded, sometimes circuitious, often mountainous path that my life has taken.


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