Happy Budday Sanjana!

October 17, 2006 at 7:05 am | Posted in Sanjana | 3 Comments

Somebody getme outta here!!

Wow! Train!! 🙂

Mommy’s Pet? Undoubtedly!

The “Traditional Family Photograph”

Sisters in Arms – Sanjana with her cousin Shreya


Good Bye, Jeff Getty

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Jeff Getty, vociferous AIDS activist. The article makes a very interesting read. The idea of cross-species transplant is extremely provoking, and makes for a very detailed ethical debate (for some, that is). If you take my hand away and put a bionic arm, do I become bionic woman? how about if you take my head away and put it on a bionic body, do I become bionic woman NOW? Coming to think about this, how am I communicatiing on the internet? Its my head directing instructions via a computer (a bionic body). Is that in ANYWAY different from having a bionic body neck down?

The simplistic response to this would be- well, it depends upon my brain. Since my brain directs everything else, I am me, as long as I have my brain. wherein lies the real problem. We know very little of how exactly the brain works. Where is the divide between the brain and the mind? and the one between the mind and the body? Hofstadter wonders what would happen, if we replaced each and every cell in a person’s brain with motorized neurons. Would you still be human, then?

Very interesting thought process. Too bad it comes alongside a rather solemn announcement, that of Getty’s death. No intention to trivialize Getty. He seeems to have been a great guy. Good bye.

One year of parenthood

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Sanjana turned 1 yesterday. A year full of joy, laughter, tears, anger, sorrow and what not. Not feeling particularly sentimental about it, though. Just the realization that I am growing old :((. I wanted to leave early and was telling my boss “Its my daughter’s birthday”, and he says “And you came to office? Why?”. What a funny question. The hookey is for MY benefit, not Sanjana’s. She doesn’t even KNOW its her birthday. Or what a birthday is, for that matter. I want to have good memories of her birthday.

On a related note- picked up this link from a comment on Sepia Mutiny: http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/story?id=2528258&page=1
Really touched me. But there are pros and cons to the story.
For one, Breast Milk is good for infants. But its importance is over touted. Its not normally a do-or-die thing. Really makes me wonder if the money and the effort invested in feeding breast milk to a kid in South Africa could have fed many more on formula. And at the end of the day, its the results that matter. Many of these feel-good initiatives are not too efficient when it comes to serving the purpose – which is to help kids world around. And its very important that we do not lose focus from that.

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