A matter of perspective

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This is what one of my (happily) single (so far)friends tells me when I crib about my life. She infact suggests that I come stay with her, to get that “perspective”. But believe me, nothing drives that point home better than something like this
While I hope desperately that that little girl gets better, I cant but help count my blessings with Sanjana. A VSD is nothing to this, honestly.

Another aspect of becoming a mother is you have something other than a passing birthday to remind you that you are growing old. You have your childs birthday to do that for you, and very effectively, I may add. Sanj is growing so fast! And now that she is extremely adept at grabbing things that she wants,, what strikes me is the confidence with which she reaches out to anything that grabs her attention. The plate mom holds is for her. No one could think of refusing her the TV’s remote control. Or dad’s mobile phone. Or anything. The idea that something is not for her has never entered her mind. She moves wiht an unrestricted confidence in what she deserves. Which is pretty much everything. And I hope and hope that thats something she never loses. Sanju, yours is the world and everything thats in it. And may it always remain that way.


When I feel vindicated abt what I do as a parent

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Buying books for Sanjana. Folks generally laughed at me when I bought a Dr Seuss for Sanjana when she was about 6 months old- but guess what? Today she actually seems to enjoy my reading out from it!
I bought “Hop On Pop” by Dr Seuss- I have always felt bad about not having been introduced to Dr. Seuss as a kid- and she always liked it. Ofcourse, I bring my silliness into full force (not that thats difficult with Dr Seuss- You cant possibly say “Three Tree – Three Fish IN Tree – Fish in A Tree, HOW can that BEEEEEE”, be serious when you do).
Sanjana laughs at this. Suresh of course, cribs that I pay 300 bucks for a book of 10 pages, and that too, for a kid who cant talk yet, talk about read. Philistine!! :))
Now her collection has expanded – she has an ABC book, a “Spot’s Birthday Party” book, a book of nursery rhymes, A touch and Feel book of pets (Suresh: 5 pages for 300 bucks).
I had always hoped that any child of mine would grow up to be happy, confident, secure (of their mother’s love, that is). These are generic hopes. Specific to ME, I would love them to be fond of books. That is close to a desparation with me. I married into a family where the only books that are approved are “educational” types. At max, the self-improvement type (yikes). Small wonder that I feel exhilarated when I detect INTEREST in sanj while I read out to her. Today was probably the first time she seemed to relate the text and the accompanying pictures. Keats’ Cortez’s feelings are nothing to how HAPPY I felt.
Its a curse of mom-dom, to go on about their kidsl, though I have spared you from it auite a bit. You have to forgive the occassional lapse, though!


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Watched FRIENDS a few days back, after MONTHS of not watching a single sitcom- and found I enjoyed it,even if I have watched the same episode twice earlier!

Ross: I said I Love you
Monica: What did she say?
Ross: Thank You
Monica (Laughs): No, tahts okay. What did SHE say?
Ross (Talks about Emily): I said “I Love You” and she said “Thank You”. What should I do now?
Joey: woah. Now you play hard to get.
Ross: She is already in LONDON.
Joey: You should move to Tokyo

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