Depressing, saddening, what not

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My first reaction is one of white-hot anger- how could anyone do this?? It hurts all the more, now that I have a lovely baby daughter. What if the same thing had happened to her? Be responsible enough to atleast ensure that you don’t create a life you are incapable of taking care of.
There is a larger issue here – it is possible that if sex-determination were not banned, this child might not have been- certainly, would not have been found at a railway track in, of all things, a plastic zipper bag. What would be better for her? Considering the options now open to her, I would say, the former.
Unlike most people I know, I am not against abortion, per se. I would never ever dream of aborting any baby of mine, but I would never actively oppose any body who wanted to actually do it. I would, of course, urge anyone to take all precautions to ensure that they don’t end up with a baby they don’t want (hello? Ever heard of birth control??), but at then end of the day, if you would rather murder your baby instead of bringing her into the world, I wouldn’t wish you (as the parent) upon ANY unsuspecting child.


The Minstrels Again

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This ones too good!!

Prayer (to the sun above the clouds)

Sun that givest all things birth
Shine on everything on earth!

If that’s too much to demand
Shine at least on this our land

If even that’s too much for thee
Shine at any rate on me

— Piet Hein

Back to the Ministrels

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A Sonnet
Two voices are there: one is of the deep;
It learns the storm-cloud’s thunderous melody,
Now roars, now murmurs with the changing sea,
Now bird-like pipes, now closes soft in sleep:
And one is of an old half-witted sheep
Which bleats articulate monotony,
And indicates that two and one are three,
That grass is green, lakes damp, and mountains steep:
And, Wordsworth, both are thine: at certain times
Forth from the heart of thy melodious rhymes,
The form and pressure of high thoughts will burst:
At other times–good Lord! I’d rather be
Quite unacquainted with the ABC
Than write such hopeless rubbish as thy worst.

— J. K. Stephen

This poem is hilarious, and insightful at the same time- and captures exactly, my feelings on Wordsworth. Wordsworth’s works range from the sad beauty of his “Lucy” poems, to the exceedingly annoying “Daffodils”. “Daffodils” must be amongst the most common-place, irritating poems I have had the misfortune to have forced upon me. Lucy was never required reading – but how I loved it! Will try and locate it sometime.

Why I dont like the word "husband"

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Much prefer spouse. (Delna would “much prefer” Single, but thats another story).

1. Its old fashioned
2. I dont like the sound of it
3. Its not gender neutral :)))

Its taken me a whole three years to call myself Mrs Suresh Kumar – I still dont do it too often. Prefer Mrs Aishwariya. Or just Aishwariya. The Mrs Suresh Kumar sounds too pompous for my liking.

If you havent realized yet, this is a post without a purpose. Inspite of having a title.

Dont care what you think, I happen to love this pic!

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My sister loves this pic, too- simply because it made her realize I hadnt lost too much of my pregnancy weight!

Will I be able to blog?

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I want to – but can I ,really?
Who am I now? I dont seem to have the faintest idea. Farther away from reconciling who I am with what I am playing at (spouse, DIL, Mother, etc).
Biggest regret – dont seem to be able to have a single decent conversation with any FRIEND. getting along very very well with ppl i have met recently.
This is in stark contrast with who I used to be- tongue tied with new ppl, but very comfortable with good pals.

Maybe I should do a jyotsna and just ignore ppl who were an important part of my life earlier. That wouold make me more comfortable in the short run, but thats just not ME.

I need to pack up an move. seriously.

Am Back

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Bigger family – daughter Sanjana
New role – Training Manager at a corp univ

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