Baa Baa Black Sheep

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(With due apologies to (the lone?) non-tam readers of my blog:

Baa Baa Black-sheep, redux

Baa Baa karuppu addu

kambli nool kidha?

kidhu machi kidhu, moonu pai nariya

onnu namma aiyyavukku, onnu namma aathalukku

onnu andha podiya paiyyan atho kiran paaru!

:)). The tam version was extremely popular while we were in college- came across this somewhere else today, and was totally kicked about being able to remember all of it!!


A quick note before rushing off to a meeting

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Hey, which of you guys is access this blog through Reliance Infocom? Please leave a comment, or if you know my mail id, do drop off a line. Just curious.
Am currently reading Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin. But not able to get into the groove of the book- am just not spending any quality brain power on it! It reminds me of The Little Prince- that was a book that EVERYONE I know liked. And I did not. These metaphysical-allusional books need to be read with the right frame of mind, isnt it? Off late I seem to be so busy, that I am hardly ever able to relax enough to really understand these books. A reshuffle is in the offing. Need to restructure and rework on my mental priorities, if you can call it that. That should be an update to my new year resolution list. For now, will ditch The Blind Assassin – but what do I read then? I need to take a hiatus from reading, I guess.
hey, and check out – its quite an interesting site.

Year in summary – books

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Books I have read over the past year (2004)

  1. The Da Vinci Code
  2. The Rule of Four
  3. An Imperial Progress
  4. The Agony and the Ecstasy – Terrific
  5. Lust for Life – Good
  6. To Sir With Love
  7. Capt. Corelli’s Mandolin – V. Crappy
  8. The Great Indian Novel – Excellent Read!
  9. The Name of the Rose – Terrific
  10. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night-time- Fair
  11. The Chronicles of Narnia (about 4 books in the series) – fair
  12. The Crooked House – An Agatha Christie after years!
  13. The Leopard – Decent read, a bit heavy and depressing
  14. ALL the short stories by Saki
  15. A few books by P G Wodehouse
  16. Revisited old favorites – Ivanhoe, the Talisman, etc
  17. Peter the Great – His Life & His world – simply amazing, if you like history
  18. A very forgettable Frederick Forsyth- don’t even remember its name!
  19. Gone with the wind – okay – not particularly impressive. To be fair, that’s mostly because of the hype
  20. Scarlett – Don’t touch it with a barge pole!
  21. Les Miserables- Don’t remember if I read it this year or the last.
  22. Leonardo Da Vinci by Freud – decent.
  23. Drawing – A complete Course – by Jenny Rodwell. Excellent, if you want to learn.
  24. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown – blah-blah- very very mediocre

    Not much, aint it? L let me see if I can make the next year any better. Don’t think I have missed out any books. I might have, but not too many.

I resolve to

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  1. Not to loose my temper. Always react carefully to the person talking to me. Lose my temper in PRIVATE ONLY.
  2. To determinedly fight feeling of depression/annoyance/irritation etc when they do strike. A depressed person does not give the best reactions at any point of time.

Looking back on 2004

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The events that have stayed in my mind as of the end of the year… Add any that you think deserve a mention

  1. South East Asian Tsunami
  2. Beslan School Tragedy
  3. Kumbakonam School Fire Accident
  4. Ukraine Polls, and polls, and more polls!
  5. Arrest of Saddam
  6. Kanchi Shankaracharaya Arrest
  7. The absolutely disgusting attack on the mutt, upon devout hindus, upon Brahmins in the country, with this as an excuse. #$^&* &*#&^% Jerks.
  8. Athens “Drugged” Olympics
  9. Abu Gharib
  10. The India Shining Campaign
  11. Indian Polls – India Shining Backfire
  12. MMS Sex Scandal
  13. Upsurge in Tabloid News coverage – a la Sun TV, Times of India, etc
  14. Rainwater Harvesting implemented on a large scale in Chennai
  15. Oracle Takes over Peoplesoft

Anti English? Scary

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