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Two weeks since my last post! My posts have become quite rare these days! Not that I have much of a fan following to keep happy, but still. I am a worse critic of myself than any one you could possibly get!

Just finished the Da Vinci Code. Have been investing a LOT in books these days! recently bought the Da Vinci Code, Three Men in a Boat, The Agony & the Ecstasy, Wuthering Heights. All this week. Each day I visit Landmark, ostensibly to buy a card for Appa & Amma or Priya or Suresh. But each day, end up buying a book for myself.

Today is Suresh’s birthday, so I got him a really cute little fan- its shaped like an aeroplane, and is about 6 inches tall. You switch it on, and it actually buzzes like an aeroplane! Its damn cool! And produces decent wind also. Also got a nice big cake. and a card. And naturally, a book for myself! Somebody ought to keep me away from Landmark.


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Looog time since my last post…

But too many activities, and too little time, not to mention, lack of access to an internet enabled computer! There was a new project for me, a week-long trip to calcutta, a weekend visit to Bangalore…

Cal was on account of Suresh’s exam- so it couldnt even count as a vacation! Its only contribution has been a huge dent in my savings! Managed to finish the Great Indian Novel while out there- and I did not find it ALL that great. Its a good book. But not a masterpiece, right? Gives a great perspective of Indian history- but it doestn really introduce one to anything new, does it? I liked it. But not as much as I had expected to. Probably, I heard too many good things about it. And, this idea of history repeating itself is not something I find really new.

Reading ‘Tis by Frank McCourt now. Now, thats a great book! It has atmosphere. You almost experience Ireland in the early-mid 20th century. The life of a dirt-poor irish immigrant in New York. ‘Tis is the sequel to “Angela’s Ashes”- and that was really good, too! The author sub-titles ‘Tis as “A Memoir”- I really wonder if he maintained a diary or something- otherwise, how could he actually remember what he felt at different points of time in life??

Got to go now- and hey, My cell’s back! same number, so you guys can have the priviledge of being able to call me! :))

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