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GOt my first share investment this week- I was allotted 100 shares of Petronet LNG Ltd. but my invest ment record isnt terrific- Petronet has already dipped to less than the offer price! technically, I have already made a loss! ANyway, I still believe this stock is a good “fundamental” stock, well-suited for long-term investment. Will hold it (Like I have a choice! :)) )

Planning to invest in Data Access next. Will spk to appa before deciding.

am turning 25 next week. Yeuck! anway, its quite unavoidable. Oh God, please atleast give me the wisdom to accompany my age!!

Coming back to my portfolio, I now have to shares – Polaris and Petronet. And the only thing common to the two is the letter P, as I am very happy to announce. If $ dips, petronet rises, PSL drops. If $ Rises, Petronet Falls, PSL rises. Otherwise, factors affecting performance of either of these two companies is not really linked to each other. That way, Iam proud to state, I really am following principles that I had learnt in college. So the beta of my portfolio, though not quite 0, is somewher less than 1, atleast. It shd be somewhere arnd 0.5, I guess.

Started with my music class- and my new teacher is a holy terror! she makes me feel like, i dont know- one of those slugs or soemthing. And here I was,a ctually thinking I could sing! Shes is a perfectionist of the nth order, and I am barely passable!!

Gotta go. weekend ahead!!


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