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Check out today’s Calvin & Hobbes:

Let me know what your comments are, on the same. I found it interesting. Is Dark Matter an uninteresting name? Calvin finds “Dark Matter” an uninteresting name assigned to beautiful, mysterious space, i.e., the space is wasted with a boring name. I, on the other hand, find “Dark Matter” interesting because it implies beautiful, mysterious space! When calvin sees dark matter, he probably sees just darkness. I see space, with its galaxies, stars, nebulae, whatever.

Had a terrible day today. And learnt a very, very important lession. Keep all your documents in place. Do not go leaving them all around. My quest for a visa to the US of A has left me feeling breathless, out of tiredness. FIrst, I couldnt find my B. Com. Degree certificate. I ran around, all over the place. Met up some girl in PSL whose dad is with the University of Madras. Went to my college to see if they had it. Dragged poor suresh also, along with me. And finally found it at Mom’s place, after a week of desparate search!

Submitted that, and lthen found the woman at the visa helpdesk hadnt given in my Aptech Cert! Got that done, adn today, they wanted my Aptech Marksheets! I mean, who collected them, anyway?! And unlike the University of Madras, which is still hale and hearty, Aptech barely exists now- its been taken over by SSI. And the Aptech Center I was studying with is no longer a franchisee of this new entity! Good Lord! Fortunately for me, however, those guys still had my certificate (whew!). And they were remarkably efficient about it, too. No fuss, no complaints, this guy says, “Oh your certificate- no issues, it should still be here”, calls a chap in, asks him to locate it, and voila! There it is, in less than 10 minutes!! Pity, but they were atleast 10 times more efficient than the support staff at Polaris itself!

Got a headache from all that tension, now. Have to learn to relax, somehow!

Gotta go. Hope your day’s better than mine has been!


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